5 Virtual Retreat Ideas for a Remote Team

Amid the Covid 19 upheavals, work-life has drastically shifted from the traditional office system to remote working. According to BBC news 2021, Work will never be the same even after the pandemic; companies have begun to unravel the enormous benefits of working with a remote team. Company leaders based on the BBC reports are trying to reinvent the perspective of their employees to adjust to the new teleworking system. Corporate team retreats have ranked highest among resolutions adopted to encourage employees to adjust to telecommuting by building stronger bonds, cohesion, life balance, and flexibility. However, it can be hard to come up with the perfect virtual retreat ideas for your business.


Ideas for Virtual Retreats

Most companies big and small dismiss the idea of remote work retreats because they think of the extreme budget it would cost the company. Good news! The burden of extreme expenses and long planning time has been lifted by emerging team building companies that offer strategic packages for remote retreats to companies based on their budget. Retreat companies major in providing awesome destinations, activities, and programs that engage employees. Remote retreats involve getting a remote team to step out of their normal work schedules to relax, brainstorm and reflect on their performance and that of the entire company.

Planning a virtual retreat can be hard, but below you’ll find some of the best virtual retreat activities to help bond your remote team even more.

Design Thinking Retreats

Design thinking is one of the more fun virtual retreat ideas. It is an innovative approach that includes virtual retreat activities like engaging staff members to brainstorm on new services, products, and processes that address the needs of customers. Such team retreats involve hands-on activities such as product definition, prototyping, and testing new ideas shared during the brainstorming session. It is an interesting team building activity that enhances collaboration, sharing ideas, skills, and techniques for problem-solving.

Culture Workshop Retreats

Culture workshop remote work retreats are aimed at assisting teams to define their purpose in the organization and their culture which details how the team works together to accomplish their purpose. Culture workshop retreat helps teams learn how they better work together including defining the norms, values, and expected behaviors. Defining the culture of the organization helps a remote team be more aligned and focused on organizational vision, mission, and objectives.

Strategy Retreats

Strategy retreats are one of the virtual retreat ideas that really make your team think. They involve creating time for a remote team to reflect on the value they contribute to the company. The virtual retreat activities include analyzing the progress of the existing projects, to review their accountability, plans, and commitments. Organizations plan strategy retreats inform of conferences and workshops to brainstorm on progressive ways to better manage the company. Such retreats engage teams in discussions that help establish SWOT analysis, PESTEL factors and re-evaluate company objectives.

Leadership Retreats

Leadership performance determines the success of an organization, which is why this is one of the best virtual retreat ideas. To achieve high performance and greater cohesion among leadership teams companies are consulting opportunities that connect leaders working remotely through retreats. Leadership retreats address vital business issues and distinct dynamics of the leadership group. These retreats are focused on the learning and training of leaders to acquire skills such as:

·  Empathy

·  Innovative skills

·  Decision-making skills

·  Problem-solving skills

·  Information exchange techniques

·  Business planning methods

Outdoor Enjoyment Retreat

Outdoor retreats have more physical interactions and are conducted on selected destinations where all team members convene. While this isn’t necessarily one of the virtual retreat ideas, it can be a great way to connect a remote team in person. Outdoor retreats are based on fun activities that engage the physical strength and brainstorming capabilities of your staff. They are focused on connecting a remote team through fun activities like hiking, mountain climbing, camping, and swimming.


Overall, covid 19 has strongly impacted the business world by forcing companies to transform from the normal office system to remote working. Hopefully, this post has helped you with planning a virtual retreat, or at least inspired you to start planning the perfect retreat for your team. 

Team retreats have remained the only option that connects employees every once in a while to strategize and eliminate isolation. These retreats take many forms depending on the goal the company aims to achieve. They can be either virtual or in-person. Retreats are goal-oriented focused on improving company strategies, skill sets, attitude, and collaboration. There is a wide range of retreat activities that engage a remote team while providing great opportunities to explore better management alternatives concerning design thinking, leadership, culture evaluation, and others. Therefore, companies should liaise with other companies that offer retreat planning services to help them plan effective retreats for a remote team.

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