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4 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Retreat Location for Your Remote Team

Companies now recognize the exceptional benefits of working with a remote team, and the importance of corporate retreats as key motivators of performance, learning, social interaction. The next step is to plan for the retreats bearing in mind vital location requirements that should be considered before picking a retreat destination for your remote team. Here

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How to Motivate Employees Working From Home

The Corona Virus pandemic hastened the adoption of remote working as the new business environment. Companies have managed to overcome the struggles of establishing their remote team by ensuring all team members have the necessary tech tools needed and are properly logged into their permanent video conference accounts. Company leaders understand how to work with

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5 Virtual Retreat Ideas for a Remote Team

Amid the Covid 19 upheavals, work-life has drastically shifted from the traditional office system to remote working. According to BBC news 2021, Work will never be the same even after the pandemic; companies have begun to unravel the enormous benefits of working with a remote team. Company leaders based on the BBC reports are trying

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Benefits of Adopting Sustainability for Remote Working Companies

Companies have unlocked the exponential benefits of using sustainability as a framework for increased profitability. The UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) are practical guides for businesses to peruse opportunities that solve climate challenges and create future market opportunities. Remote work sustainability is completely possible. The EU also advocates for sustainability and has implemented efforts to

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¿How can you Improve Work From Home Experience?

How to Improve Work From Home Experience: Tips for Working Remotely

More people are working remotely than ever before, and this trend is only predicted to increase. It used to be a fantasy of traveling the world and working from exotic coffee shops, but many workers are finding that remote work isn’t necessarily all that it’s chalked up to be. Overall though, there are many benefits

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How Remote Work Can Be More Sustainable

    Overall, remote work has many positive impacts on society and our planet. Most of the statistics mentioned are US-focused; however other countries are seeing the benefits of remote work too. The UN Sustainable Development Goal 13 mentions remote work as an action to combat climate change and has set the goal to take action

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Remote Work Essentials: Gadgets And Gear To Increase Productivity

The transition to remote work happened overnight at the beginning of the pandemic, and the workforce had to scramble to quickly figure out the best ways to adapt. This meant getting comfortable being on a webcam, adjusting work schedules to fit with home life, and figuring out a space to make your workstation. Here we

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5 Top Productivity Apps for Remote Work in 2021

Companies who never thought they would not work in a traditional office setting transitioned to remote work overnight due to the global health crisis. Today, many of those same companies have made the decision to stay remote full-time. Thanks to technology and the top productivity apps, the transition has been possible for industries around the

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The Sustainable Future of Work

Overview The way we work and live has changed dramatically over the last 200 years. We are now at an exciting junction where Industrial Age working practices cohabit with new Information Age work patterns. As the Information Revolution unfolds an

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Corporations will lead the sustainable transformation

by leveraging agility, adaptability and innovation capabilities Interview with Wayne Visser, a globally recognised Cambridge “pracademic” and thought-leader on sustainable and responsible business, and the author of Thriving: The Breakthrough Movement to Regenerate Nature, Society and the Economy. About Professor

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Present and future of ESG Reporting for Sustainable Companies

ESG Overview Investors globally are increasingly embracing ESG standards, which focus on factors such as, human wellbeing, the environment, and the welfare of the economy. ESG concept was initially introduced in the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment in 2006.  Notably,

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The future of remote work for companies

Questions about whether remote working is going to be a permanent state, have been raised, following expectations of the Covid-19 pandemic to frail due to the now available vaccine. Mckinsey Global Institute reports that the Imposed quarantine guidelines, isolation, and

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Top 6 Recreational Retreats for a Remote Company

Companies often gamble with the idea of spending a fortune to get people playing and tend to dismiss the idea. Most companies dwell mostly on Business related retreats, ‘check out our article with comprehensive information about business retreats’.

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