Top 6 Recreational Retreats for a Remote Company

When you think of recreational, the first thing that comes to mind is all fun and games. Well, that’s true, recreational retreats are exactly about enjoyment. Companies often gamble with the idea of spending a fortune to get people playing and tend to dismiss the idea. Most companies dwell mostly on Business related retreats, ‘check out our article with comprehensive information about business retreats‘. A fun fact that company owners cannot wish away is that both types of retreats (recreational and business retreats) are significantly worthwhile and indispensable. 


Look at it this way, people are social beings, and their level of interaction and communication is undeniably influenced by how much they know each other on a personal and professional level. Physical face-to-face interactions through fun activities, as noted by Troll and Pexels is a prerequisite for bonding and collaboration among your remote team. Recreational retreat primarily improves social interactions through adventure, game challenges, and trivia. It is through recreational activities people expose their potentials and understand each other better, to know how to deal and work with each other. 


Tips for Planning a Rewarding Recreational Retreat

The trick for hosting a memorable leisure retreat is holding a survey to get employees talking about their ideal type of fun, enjoyable activities, and destinations. After creating the list of engaging activities, you should consider the budget that the company can spare, and the number of days the budget can withstand. 

The next step is to begin hunting for a location that can accommodate all the team members, required activities, convenient with the logistics and within the budget. Then set the date for the retreat and head over for an exhilarating moment with your remote team.  Most companies prefer getting effective results by hiring prolific retreat planning companies specialized in that sector, to plan and facilitate activities.


Types of Recreational Retreats

The primary goal of recreational activities is to stimulate team bonding, jogging their minds and exercising their bodies. It is highly unlikely that a dull team will be productive, noting that low physical activities may affect their general health, which translates to higher rates of absenteeism or sick days. 

Hiking Retreats

These types of retreats are highly invested or based on physical activities, aimed at achieving mental and physical health while enhancing social engagement. Hiking activities include:

  • Mountain climbing
  • Nature walks
  • Cross country skiing 
  • Snowshoeing
  • Biking
  • Snowboarding


Water retreats

These retreats involve destinations with water bodies, especially in the coastal areas. Activities include:

  • Boat rides
  • Snorkeling
  • Deep-sea diving
  • Swimming competitions
  • Fishing and grill cookouts
  • Surfing 

Sport Games

Planning sports retreats and having rewards for winners is very impactful and fun, with greater expectancy of increased interactions. Pick a location with space for games like: 

  • football
  • Netball
  • Volleyball
  • Athletics

Mind Jogging Activities

People like mysteries, this type of retreat could be more beneficial for jogging the minds of your team and inciting collaborations by getting them to work together to solve mysteries. Examples of mind jogging activities include: 

  • Treasure hunts
  • Solving a trivia
  • Playing charades
  • Playing chess


Who doesn’t love food? The best inventions, I would like to believe are made over dinner, brunch, lunch, or breakfast. Nothing speaks fun like a cookout, this is an opportunity for cooking masters to showcase their prowess and the foodies to engage their taste buds. Catch people having fun mixing cocktails, grilling sumptuous meat, making delicious stews, snacks, and baking.

Spa Days

What better way of treating the body like hitting the spa for a healing massage, nail do, hairdo, and skin rejuvenation. Your team forms the face of your organization, therefore, you might want to have them looking jovial and brightened up through relaxing spa days. 


Recreational retreats just like business retreats are a must to keep the business booming by facilitating unity, collaboration, and happiness. Organizational success is tied to the extent their talents are motivated to work with each other. The benefits of recreational retreats are tremendous hence making it a must for companies to have at least annual retreats for improved team performance. Check out business-related retreats in our listing to get illuminating ideas for your next company retreat. 

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