The sustainable
transition is unstoppable

and it’s happening in front of our own eyes

Every day more people are shifting to more sustainable lifestyles. Yet, this must be a joint effort with companies from all economic backgrounds. Otherwise, we will not overcome global warming, economic inequality, and demographic imbalances; which are directly linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

UN Sustainable development goals

We work based on

the Sustainable
Development Goals

Our business strategy takes ground in the 2030 UN Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals to act in 5 critical areas: planet, people, property, peace, and partnership.

This way we are addressing four main areas: Poverty and inequality; environmental protection; and sustainable development to ensure we promote peace and prosperity.

We believe in a world where no one is left behind.


And by no one, we mean both people and companies. When a company becomes more sustainable, so do its workers, suppliers, and customers. This is to say, it is a cascading effect that aims for more sustainable behaviors.

We conduct sustainable retreats and off-sites for companies and teams. This way they can assess the necessary tools for their sustainability strategy. These actions focus on the three pillars of sustainability: environment, society, and economy.

Environmental Actions

Our retreats are designed to cut greenhouse emissions. Those that cannot be reduced are offset through CO2 absorption programs.

All our activities are carried out aiming to generate the smallest impact on the planet. We promote positive impact and knowledge generation, thus creating value for companies.

We collaborate with accommodations, event planners, leisure providers, restaurants, and more. As such, aiming to reduce single-use plastics and greenhouse emissions. Also preserving natural resources and biodiversity. All actions are contemplated in tailor-made sustainability strategies.

Reducing the
use of plastics

Climate Change


Encourage outdoor and in-nature activities at our retreats. With professional outreach workers involved to provide knowledge about local flora and fauna. This way raising awareness and fomenting their protection.

Support organizations with ongoing biodiversity conservation plans.

Educate and create awareness within companies. In order to foment sustainable activities and the protection of local ecosystems.

Incorporate science and technology. To measure the impact of human activity and put in place solutions to cut carbon emissions.

sustainable development goals biodiversity
sustainable development goals talent

Society and culture

We focus on collaboration with local partners, as this is also a very important landmark of the Sustainable Development Goals. This generates a positive economic, social and environmental impact where we operate.

We seek public and private collaborations to achieve synergies. This way we are able to address the particular challenges each destination imposes.

Focus areas

We attract global talent and encourage encounters with local companies. We look forward to enhancing knowledge and creating collaboration networks.

We believe in science as the catalyst for change. For this reason, we involve universities, research groups, and companies in our projects. Ultimately aspiring to generate greater local and global impact.

We promote international and cultural exchanges to diminish prejudices through our retreats. Consequently amplifying interculturality and mutual respect.

sustainable development goals economic

Economic growth

Our focus on economic sustainability involves the following specific actions:

Generate shared value through the Stakeholder Economy – a system where the benefits are shared fairly–.

Support local and small businesses development. This way fostering and promoting collaboration between experts, aiming to create high-quality jobs.

Help our partners navigate through the sustainable transition. Thus improving their competitiveness and their ability to attract investors and customers.

Sustainability is a new
mindset and values


All our processes are transparent. We share our knowledge and findings to recognize our strengths and improvement opportunities.


We aim to generate shared value with all our partners. Also, we aspire to become an agent of change advocating for sustainable transformation.


We care for the environment and the people. This extends to all our activities and stakeholders, reflecting in our concern for the carbon footprint and its effect on society. This way, we firstly aim to produce as little CO2 as possible. Secondly, collaborate with offsetting programs, foment inclusion and diversity, and more.


We are working to be a catalyst for companies’ sustainable transformation. Ultimately, we are aware that these are ambitious goals. Yet, we have put our trust in our skills, partners, and drive to achieve a better world for everyone.


Achieving sustainability is an ongoing process. As such, it requires and will continue to need everybody’s collaboration.

From Remotefulness we work to establish new collaborations and alliances. Creating a network of companies and organizations that share our values.

Finally, being a young company is not a disadvantage to us. We face and accept the challenge of becoming recognized as a sustainable company whose impact on society is positive. This is reflected in our work on a sustainability strategy that will allow us to get the B Corp certification.

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