Bring your teams together

with face-to-face sustainable team retreats and activities

Boost your team’s productivity and cohesion

At Remotefulness we organize face-to-face sustainable retreats for teams & companies to  enhance effectiveness and increase productivity in remote or hybrid teams. We help teams to improve their cohesion, skills, bonds, knowledge and all of this, in a sustainable way.

The Future of Work may bring
new challenges

The Future of Work may bring new challenges

Erosion of culture
and relationships

Burnout and mental
health issues

Lack of team

Poor onboarding, development and performance management

Difficulty aligning with company culture, vision and goals

The benefits of our
retreats are clear

The benefits of our retreats are clear


Are less likely to quit


feel more productive


Happier and motivated teams

All our retreats

Follow processes to strengthen team ties, provide knowledge & develop new skills based on particular needs

Sustainable remote Team Building Activities Retreats

Team Building Retreat

Team-bonding activities to create a highly motivated, cohesive and goal-oriented team, ready for the challenges of the company.

Everything we do is based on
sustainable principles

Sustainability, respect for the planet, and the human drive to achieve great things. These are the things we believe in. Thus, all accommodation, restaurants and leisure activities are planned in a sustainable way. With our partners, we are involved and inspired by sustainable strategies and principles. This is to say, we promote local consumption and economy to reduce our environmental impact to: 

Minimise CO2

offset through local CO2 absorption programs

Generate shared sustainable value and local positive impact

After the retreat

You will receive a certificate registered in a blockchain, which includes the emissions produced and offset by your retreat, as well as the projects you helped fund with your activity.

Get inspired in amazing location

Get inspired in amazing location

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