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At Remotefulness we organise sustainable business retreats for remote or hybrid teams & companies to enhance bonds, productivity and well-being in amazing locations.

We help teams improve cohesion, skills and knowledge while sharing experiences and having fun.

In-person retreats

All our retreat services follow processes to strengthen team ties, provide knowledge & develop new skills based on particular needs

Sustainable remote Team Building Activities Retreats

Team Building Retreat

Team-bonding activities to create a highly motivated, cohesive and goal-oriented team, ready for the challenges of the company.

High-Execution Retreat

Work with your team on projects of high execution of your company in a beautiful natural environment with all the comforts.

Sustainable remote Team Building Activities Retreats

Metaverse Retreats

In the metaverse the possibilities for customization and creation of group dynamic are infinite. We co-create meta experiences to help your team needs.


Immersive experiences to encourage collaboration and team cohesion through challenges and games.

All hands

Interactive presentations that encourage the participation of all attendees to improve cohesion and involvement.

Leadership meetings

More immersive meetings that encourage interaction, debate and ideation of managers that improve the productivity / time ratio.


A more participatory and immersive training that enhances learning, encourages knowledge sharing and engages participants.

Improve your team

With training sessions that will enhance each and every member’s capabilities and talents within your team.

Corporate well-being

Tips and guidelines to achieve greater well-being

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Coaching teams

Discover and enhance team strengths and skills to improve productivity & confidence.

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Leadership & team assessment

Learn tools and processes to improve your team’s leadership skills.

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Some of our clients

The collaboration spaces for web3 era

Web3 is a distributed and decentralised technology, but a team that does not live experiences, is not a team.

We teach and support decentralised economy models.

That is why we accept crypto payments

We take care of the planet

All accommodation, restaurants and leisure activities are planned adhering to recognised sustainability principles. Together with our partners, we are involved with the local communities and inspired by sustainability values. We support the local economy and mitigate our environmental impact by:

Minimise CO2

offset through local CO2 absorption programs

Generate shared sustainable value and local positive impact

Get inspired
in amazing locations

Tenerife | Gran Canaria | Lanzarote | Malaga | Barcelona | Lisbon | Mallorca

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